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Best Litter for Automatic Litter Boxes- 5 Brands to Try!

best litter for automatic litter box

Looking for the best litter for automatic litter boxes? Most automatic litter boxes let you choose the type of litter used as long as it’s a clumping litter. However, there are certain brands of automatic litter boxes that require brand-specific litter to be used. Let’s dive into the best litter for an automatic litter box … Read more

10 Best Cat Trees for Older Cats

best cat trees for senior cats

Have a senior cat and looking for the best cat trees for older cats? There are many things to consider when finding the right cat tree including height, placement of amenities like cat condos and scratching pads, and material. Check out the below list to find the best cat tree for you and your senior … Read more

The 3 Best Cordless and Battery Operated Cat Water Fountains

battery operated cat water fountain

Looking for a battery-operated cat water fountain to keep your cat happy and hydrated? Check out this list of the best battery-operated and corded electric cat fountains to give your cat the freshest water possible. While normal water bowls work well for many pets, if you want to encourage your cat to drink more water … Read more

The Best Cat Food for Outdoor Cats

best cat food for outdoor cats

Finding the best cat food for outdoor cats can be tough when there are hundreds of dry cat food options out there to choose from. When looking for the perfect dry food blend for your adult cats, it’s important to analyze what’s in the food. Your outdoor cat food should be high in protein. Cats … Read more